Q: How Long Is Each Game Of Laser Tag?

Answer: "One game of laser tag is 15 mins in length. However, with time for instructions and gear up and gear down; the game will take approx. 18 - 20 mins."

Q: What Is The Minimum Age To Play Laser Tag?

Answer: "We strongly recommend a minimum age of 6 years old due to low visibility and the multi-level arena."

Q: Can I watch the game from inside the arena?

Answer: NO - "Unfortunately, for safety reasons we do NOT have an observation area. Everyone inside the laser tag arena MUST be wearing a vest, for visibility reasons."

Q: Can I bring ice cream or an ice cream cake?

Answer: YES - "We have proper storage available for booked parties to bring in their own cake or ice cream. We DO NOT provide any cakes for parties."

Q: Are Quarters for arcade games provided for parties?

Answer: NO - "Unfortunately, all arcade games are separate from the party packages, however we have a change machine available in the lobby."

Q: Can I order extra pizza for my party?

Answer: YES - "All pizza is ordered prior to party therefore any extra pizza must be ordered at time of confirmation. Extra 24-cut(cheese only) for $24, 12-Cut:$18."

Q: Can I bring my own party decorations?

Answer: YES - "We provide all neccessary paper products and limited decorations. You may bring in specialty paper goods and decorations. This excludes confetti, silly string, party poppers, and piñatas. Please call us at (518) 437-9334 for more details."

Q: Can I reserve a room without booking a party?

Answer: NO - "Due to a high demand for parties; the party rooms are reserved for party packages only and CAN NOT be reserved seperately."